Mr. Millios takes pride in securing great results for clients. However, past results afford no guarantee of future results; each matter is different and must be judged on its own merits.

consistent, thorough, and diligent...

Mike made the legal process regarding my case extremely easy. In a world that I know nothing about, Mike was able to put me at ease, inform me what needed to be done, and define a clear and realistic goal for my case work. Mike proved to be consistent, thorough, and diligent when tasks needed to be accomplished. My overall impression of Mike is that he knows his stuff, has great experience, and is a hardworking individual. This made for an entirely positive experience and merits my full recommendation to anyone needing an attorney.

—Tyler (Client)

a lawyer that will do everything he can for you...

I met Mike at an event for Veterans where he volunteered his time to help anyone and everyone that he could.

I went in with a very atypical case for that type of event. The case I brought had been going on for about 3.5 years at the time and I was about at the point of giving up. Over the course of the next two days Mike and I worked together and with others to resolve my entire case. I didn't think that I was possibly going to make headway there, let alone resolve the entire dispute.

Mike was great! He worked with me and let me be a part of my legal process, I know that's not necessarily what every client wants but I did. He was vigilant and very professional. If you want a lawyer that will do everything he can for you, this is your guy.

Thank you Mike!


Profesional, Committed, and Very Personable

The first time I met Mike I was very nervous, that lasted momentarily, he immediately put me at ease.

Over the duration of my case, Mike took the time to keep me very well informed of any and all progress, as well as made time to see me whenever I had questions or concerns. The best part was that I never felt like I was just another client. Mike took the time to get to know me on a personal level during office visits and over the phone. There was never one time that I felt uninformed.

Thanks to Mike, I had another opportunity to begin again. Since then I have went back to school and graduated with a degree in Business. I highly recommend Mike to everyone.

—Marty F

Trustworthy and experienced advocate

The entire time we have worked with Mike, we have been included as part of the team; nothing has happened that he did not prepare us for, the good and the bad. Mike is the combination of confidence and humility, compassion and fight, optimism and realism, that is needed in a lawyer. Mike does not do all of the talking but asks us questions, really listens and explores all angles before giving advice or taking a stance. We know that we are in very capable hands with Mike but he does not exclude us from the defense of our family member.

Mike is a true advocate and friend to military and veterans and is incredibly knowledgeable about the UCMJ. He fights hard for his soldiers and clients! He understands the sacrifices made by service members and the unique challenges that they face both as active duty members and as veterans. Mike has been with our family, guiding and encouraging us every step of the way to ensure that justice will finally be served for our family member. We highly encourage anyone in need of a defender to work with Mike!


Exceptional Attorney with Military Experience

Michael Millios has been our family attorney since July 2011. I can honestly tell you that Mike truly cares about his clients and will do his best to achieve the best outcome for your case. He is honest, trustworthy and he is not afraid to stand up for what is right. He will work tirelessly to get to the bottom of your case and will update you on developments rather than leave you wondering and worrying. If you are in need of an attorney that will not mislead you or abandon you, contact Michael Millios, you will not regret this decision.

—Momma C

Selfless and Caring

After I was wrongly accused of a serious crime, I was facing over 90 years in prison. Had I been found guilty of any of the charges, my life would have been effectively over. Attorney Millios stepped in and quite literally saved my life. I truly do not know where I would be without his assistance throughout my investigation. Attorney Millios sets himself apart from other attorneys because he does not look at clients as a number, he genuinely cares about their well being. Attorney Millios will fight for you and truly invest himself so that the best possible outcome is achieved.


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