Mr. Millios gets to know each client, investigates each case, and works diligently to get the best possible results. He fights to assure that you are protected and properly represented during each stage of the process. However, past results afford no guarantee of future results; each matter is different and must be judged on its own merits. Below are just a small sample of Mr. Millios’s past successes.

A Record of Success

Charges Dismissed

The client was charged with attempted murder during an altercation. Mr. Millios was able to work with the convening authority and explain the client's mental health conditions. The convening authority agreed to dismiss the charges if the client agreed to be separated from the Army. The client avoided prison and federal convictions. Today, the client still receives education benefits and other VA benefits.

Charges Dismissed After Trial

The client pleaded guilty at trial after lengthy pretrial negotiations. Mr. Millios continued to fight for the client and presented the client's story after trial and the convening authority agreed to dismiss the charges if the client accepted an other than honorable discharge. This removed the conviction from all criminal records and let the client remain in the United States, go to college, and find meaningful employment..

Charges Dismissed Before Trial

Mr. Millios and co-counsel filed extensive pretrial motions convincing the judge to dismiss the charges. The judge dismissed half of the charges before trial. During trial, Mr. Millios objected to government evidence coming in against the client and the judge ruled in the client's favor. The judge granted Mr. Millios' motion for a finding of NOT GUILTY. The defense didn't even present a case. The client continued with his career.

Not Guilty

The client was charged with multiple sex assault offenses. After thorough investigation and trial preparation, the jury acquitted the client of all charges. The client finished his contract and transitioned out of the Army with an honorable discharge.

Not Guilty

The client was charged with sex assault charges and military offenses. Mr. Millios spent countless hours investigating the case to find out what really happened. At trial, Mr. Millios was able to explain his client's story and the jury acquitted the client of all sex offenses.

Charges Dismissed

Mr. Millios investigated the case and worked with the Minneapolis City Attorney's office to get the charges dismissed because of the lack of evidence.