Mr. Millios will help you get the benefits and compensation that you deserve. Please contact Millios Law if you received a denial decision from the Department of Veterans Affairs. You have one year to file your appeal. Mr. Millios, a fellow Veteran, works with you to establish service connection or show the VA that your condition is more severe than the decision rating. Mr. Millios is accredited by the VA and admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

VA Disability Claims

Millios Law typically does not handle claims as Minnesota has outstanding service organizations who can help you during the initial stages of your disability claim. Please contact Millios Law if you need help finding a representative or have questions about your claim.

Discharge Upgrades / Correcting Military Records

Mr. Millios represents Veterans before all military discharge review boards. Your DD Form 214 is an important document that will be considered by potential employers and agencies. Less than an honorable discharge or an unfavorable narratives may impede future job opportunities and may limit benefits received. Fortunately, Congress directed each military branch to create a discharge review board and a correction of military records board to help Veterans correct military paperwork. These boards fix errors, injustices, and inequities. Millios Law helps build evidence and present your situation to the board. So contact Millios Law if you want to talk about your discharge and see what can be done to upgrade your discharge or correct other military records.

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If you face a denial of veteran benefits in Minnesota, you need an experienced veterans law lawyer. Attorney Mike Millios can fight for you. Contact our office today at 612-206-3753 or via our online contact form.

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