You should contact a lawyer as soon as you are notified that you are under investigation. Call trial defense services or a civilian lawyer. Mr. Millios helps Service members early in the process in order to investigate. You want an attorney to help navigate the early stages of the military justice system.

After the investigation, your command has to decide whether they will court-martial you or not. A lawyer can help shape this decision. It is important to have an attorney investigate at the same time as CID, OSI, or NCIS. You want the commander to have the whole story.

If you receive a charge sheet, trial preparation ramps up. The command will then decide what type of court-martial they intend for you. An Article 32 preliminary hearing will be conducted if the command wants to pursue a general court-martial. This is an important stage of the process for your lawyer to shape decisions as well as prepare for court-martial.

A good lawyer will work hard to attempt to have charges dismissed or resolved without a trial. Preparation and communication is key. Communication with the trial counsel, SJA, and Command is important to accomplish favorable results that satisfy you.

Some cases simply must be tried. Mr. Millios works diligently to ensure that all Servicemembers receive the best defense. Mr. Millios has tried cases in both courts-martial and civilian courts. You need a skilled and experienced military lawyer if your liberty and career are on the line.

Military Appeals

If convicted at trial, it is time to find an experienced military appellate lawyer. Mr. Millios has extensive experience fighting for Servicemembers after the trial. Mr. Millios reviews the record of trial and conducts a post-trial investigation.

Your appeal will either be an Article 66, UCMJ, appeal to a service appeals court or an Article 69, UCMJ, appeal to the service Judge Advocate General. Mr. Millios works with his clients to learn about the trial and then prepares appeals to either the appellate court or The Judge Advocate General.

A thorough review of your court-martial is needed for a successful appeal. Mr. Millios tracks decisions coming out of the appellate courts. He understands how to develop the facts of your case and apply it to the military law so that the appellate courts or The Judge Advocate General understand and can make the decision that benefits you.

Military appeals are a nuanced area of the law. It is important to have a lawyer with experience in this area. The appeal is your last chance!

Administrative Separations

You have the right to a lawyer if the military initiates involuntary separation. Just like criminal charges, contact a lawyer as soon as you are informed that you are under investigation or notified of a pending “chapter” or separation. Mr. Millios will fight for you to be retained in the service or receive the best possible discharge. An involuntary separation can cause you to lose your hard earned benefits so please contact Millios Law as soon as possible.

Other Military Actions

  • Security Clearance
  • Integrated Disability Evaluation System
  • Non-judicial Punishment
  • Military Family Law
  • Veterans Law
  • VA Disability Appeals

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